wet dreams

I started a riot grrl, midnight thrash girl, thrusting my trash at deadbeat guys with death in their eyes to kill the fire in my thighs and sparkles I enjoyed like toys, throw them far away along with the rubber knot and call them gay. 

Turned on to harder things when older dudes with wallets and cars came putty to my tools and sorted my rent, heaven sent I got away from the stress of alcoholic folks and started my own way with a fender guitar and a wardrobe designed to go far. 

Then I met a crew who blew my mind and got me into school for a while until I dropped it for a night shift in a bar where tattoos on the wall say it all. So my teenage dreams of thrust and rage gave way to nightclubs, pills and drum and bass. 

I got engineered and the result is here for you to download once my soundboy gets off his lazy sweet arse and fixes the link. They gave me a job playing games and I like how they think. not going to blow this one. 

Mu means to Dream. 

This is where it got serious and I began to see the full potential of doing it properly with older guys who know what they're doing and are doing it for love with no expectations of anything other than making some for real tunes that tell it as it is. 

My voice broke like the waters of a pregnant bitch giving birth to a litter of bitter thoughts. This cd is from  late 2011, its taken me this long to sort my act out enough to make a blog about it. Most what I do in internet land influenced by my crew - its their machines I use so I suppose its only natural. 

Higher than a kite
Woman with an empty heart
The Dirty Elves
Victimless Crimes
The Easier Deal
The Stuff To Come
She Bruises At Your Thoughts
You've Joined The Fire
Dubby As Funk
Bukake Munke
Blue Silk
Celibate Nymphoman