Shadowrun Returns


I spent the electric bill money on a Leap Motion controller. 
I had to.
Hey the universe is suggestive, the money was the same amount. 
Fuckers can wait, I need this like yesterday. 

and then: 

OMG it's compatible with newly released Shadowrun Returns

Thank You Kickstarter!!! 

"this entire environment and all the environments we are going to see today are all built inside our editor. That editor comes within the PC and MAC versions of the game…"

k'Ching! sale

"…so that you guys can become games masters of your own games; 
creating your own stories, building all the environments, the characters."




and suck his cock on a semi-regular basis
about his shitty music being too avante-garde for commercial release
(well at least he uses yummycum which is delicious)

(it's mine really he only owns it on paper)

Twists and Turner

Back InSilico to visit Sahara and Richard Turner. Despite having got clean off drink and drugs (apart from smoking weed) while I was away, I got some quality base fet (amphetamine) on the way over and decided with Katha7 likely sniffing around, the edge would be useful. Found Sah and Turner in the comic store where she works now; she let me stay but we haven't caught up properly yet. Some creep engineer droid was lurking around. After I left  it followed him to Aftermath club and shot his legs! 

I heard this from Rabt who like me is a pure human who doesn't want cyber-implants, and so the two of us consoled each other that humans are dying species because we cannot compete and get work, since the borgs and droids are taking over.

I met Rabt outside Aftermath, a street club being rejuvenated by Kyu. I like it there because it has no doors, open on three sides. Only humans are limited by doors, the droids and bores can rip right through them. This whole environment is dumb, it is designed to imprison us, the lowest caste in the system.

IPS are creeps. They're never there when you need them and then when you go to do something innocent like return to the place that you work (Fusion) to find out when your next shift is, they turn up and threaten to arrest you. Fucking droids, cannot be trusted. 

Back to Aftermath and met Skip and Riza Senna who has a thing for Richard. He seems to be some type of useless detective, searching the alley where Richard was shot and found his lighter. She blew up at me, pressed a blade to my throat and threatened to kill me if I didn't shut the fuck up about Richard being Frankie. Seemed really pissed that I knew him at all; very stressed. I told her what had happened between me and Sah, and that as far as I care, he got his just deserves. She don't like me.

Back to the comic shop where a smart woman with blue hair called Jenna Senna who works for Tunguska Industries arrived and gave me 2000 and a promise to smuggle me an antique book to placate Katha7 when it eventually shows up, on condition that I inject Turner with anti-schizo nano-drugs when I see him. Says she can't do it because she's going to Mars with IPS protection. I took the money. 

Haven't seen Sah since before Richard was shot. She's all emotionally hung up over him like half the girls around here, and he's probably the only guy around here who I haven't slept with. On second thoughts, much as I'd love to try Rabt out, there's that fake detective guy too… 

Life moves on fast In Silico.

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teenagers talking about the old days

teenagers talking about the old days, going through puberty together, before and during discovering alcohol and sex, then all of a sudden you've done it all, ticked all the boxes, noticed all the bedposts and have got your head around enough to move on, move along, the wonder of dating ain't a wonder any more because you're on the train and a long way from the station; life on the road and no going home because you're independent minded, life of your own now and knowing what you're about. 

what got me onto this one? running toward the end of chinese year of the water snake 2013 year zero? 
bumping into new people who remind me of who i wanted to be hanging out with when I was younger, because they are from a scene I left a long time ago and am glad to be dabbling in again now?  remembering old friends perhaps, and old times. meh



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