Shadowrun to Saturn5

“My gang learned quick that being recognizable by extrovert style got you famous with all the wrong people and a few of the good ones. We had a session of shaving our hair off and dying our clothes black for the run; you know if you’re going to go out you still need to have some style about you.

The most of the time we wore charity shop clothes like everyone else and fitted in anonymously, invisible, that’s how to survive in this life. You see the ones with dreadlocks and Mohawks, showing off with flashy colourful gang marks and designer corporate logo’s; they’re full of it; inexperienced and if you see them again they’ll be drab and incognito most like everyone else; or full of holes. Leave fashion for the victims.

Streetcred don’t come from talkin’ the talk and lookin’ good. Streetcred comes from surviving and that means focus. It means knowing your strengths and your weakness. It comes from a clear head and a clean shot. No time for messin’ cos messin’ means dead.”

The advice is diamond but hard to swallow. With a counter-glam, anti-catwalk underground vibe fuelled by youthful need to assert independence, the quest for individuality, self-identity; to be told to dumb it down is not what you want to hear.

What follows is some cool black & white prints highlighting the fashionability of the future, coming at you low-fi style. What the eighties foresaw and programmed the dreams of youth with by programming the minds of a slightly older generation.

I'll be adding to this collection as and when I get the time and as I said, the focus. Meanwhile I have a lot of sewing to do, cute little sideline not to be sidelined.