"There are only five pure states
and their names are
Dog, Human, Robo, Shadow and Vurt."

Jeff Noon truly knows whats right. 

Whats RIghTE 

hats off and boo-yaka 
(death to the wight, man) 


Jeff Noon truly knows.

Here is some Vurt Art (vArt?) 

wot I did find in a search engine called Bing
wot claims it keeps no record of webshites you perv on
ideal for certain nefarious activites;
if you trust it.

delinquent memories cum flooding

my mate joy an his new gelfling


I s'pose wiv being such a fan of the book n'all,
should write summif clever and fan-tasty about it.



Pussy Rot

illustration of me by snakeappletree
"Riot grrrl’s lyrics often address issues such as rape, domestic abuse, sexuality and female empowerment."

It repeatedly says so in wikipedia so it must be the absolute truth.

These are all some of my favourite topics so you can see why I lurv this motion. Always knew I am riot grrl even before I learned anything about it proper from official sauces.  As far as we were concerned it was Punk meets Grunge with standard issue doc martens, leggings and baggy threadbare jumper reclaimed from charity shop. And floppy mohawk. Sort of grew out of it when I discovered cock and turned femme, enough to make a living from exploiting guys, easy when you're pretty like me.