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HANGARS LIQUIDS VR - technopunk deconstructions

SPACE COCOON by Djehan Kidd 

I have discovered where I truly belong. 

I know who I am now. 


named after my mates cat, 
whose Second Life account I am using. 

This is research, in my official capacity as Ordo Octopia's cyber-grrl. 


tRust fAxion

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Introducing my new role as FASHION GURU for tRust storyteller rpg by Ordo Octopia Ltd, this blog is about COSPLAY. 

I can't upload pictures directly to the tRust website because computers are shit so I am doing it here where I know how things work.

Judging by what the guys say I'm not sure if heavy bondage gear is the full extent of what they had visioned for tRust.

Joy, the old goth that he is, insists that street styles of the techno tribes will be goth, cybergoth, black metal, emo and necro-punk styles.

So the dress styles are going to be not much more different in the future than they are now in alternate culture, although practicality  means strap-on body pouches (for carrying your kit around) or at least a shoulder bag.

PVC clothing costs a bomb!

So: innovation.

Armed with a can of black spraypaint I went at it Pris style. Took a whole bar of soap to scrub it off and I killed my flatmates looter but my girlfriend loved it and it helped that I was clean shaven all over but for my head.

I adorned myself with a skimpy little tasselled black number around my waist and a pair of Doc marten boots. Never go anywhere without your doccy's its a life rule. 

Unfortunately her phone was on recharge so we didn't get any sexy pictures to share. Instead I began a google search for 'black painted women' and came up with the following derision. 

You <3 rannka
This is what I am talking about: you can get a black t-shirt from a charity shop and paint the exact same design on it with spray-paint from pound land and have exactly this shirt only for real, with enough money left over for a subway and a night of clubbing.

Is it tRust enough for you?