Satans Shit Train

Following successful completion of a real life vendetta, a death-match to the grave, I have returned from my travels a new person. Still got that darkling pitch-black heart and fuck-you-go-to-hell who-fucking-cares gigabyte chip of ram embedded in my shoulder but I is wizer for having supped thine eyes of new horizons these eighteen months past. Plus sucking up the sight of the quivering flesh of my most mortal enemy, trembling at my ankles, splayed in the mirror while my fingers train it to submission, does help intensely. Sighs.

Came back to visit some old mates and have been working on sound stuff in Joy's upgraded studio which is going quite nicely, it's amazing what you can do with strong coffee and love. Well it gives me something to do and keeps me tame in this freezing old nation where the rain god lives.

Fuck man, it has been a long time. I left my password written down on the studio wall and it's still there so I can access this blog again. #FuckingInternet #FuckingMemoryFailure #FuckingSpeed #FuckingStayingUpLateAllNight  #FuckingFucking  #FuckingEuro'sDon'tWorkHere   #FuckingTories

Nothing has changed. That's the truly shit thing about Wales and Life generally. Sleeping under the stars in traveler camps and sofa-surfing through trance parties all over Europe, settling with a crew and a gullible guy and a girls dream come true, getting into shit seriously enough to make some money for a change; which you can do outside of Satan's shit-train Britain. 

Then a holiday from my extended holiday stroke new life and it's a blast from the past. Probubbly why I am picking up on all the old vibes still vybing! k'ching-ing away all neon and cuddly, meeting my old self again who I had left behind, the one I been trying to escape from. Nice to visit my old grave on the hillside here, nobody dug it up yet. Probubbly best I don't talk about that on the intersnot, most people can't cope with the really real truth of the hoodoo voodoo you won't dare do and nobody wants to hear it anyway.

So listen to this shit instead. It's new and I made it myself. Mostly. With Joys help. Bless him.

This mission oh so suavely accomplished I am fucking off back to Europe now to have some fun without you zombies. 

Later ~


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